This hugely popular line of PVC statues brought the distinct Japanese style of Manga to the heroines (and foes) of the DC Universe. The Ame-Comi packaging line was originally designed by Brainchild Studios with Batgirl and Catwoman being the first two releases.
VIEW ASKEW STARS FINE ART STATUES    |   View Askew Productions/Graphitti Designs

Packaging for a line of faux-bronze statues of some of the biggest stars in Kevin Smith's feature films. Jay Mewes pictured below. The logotype was also designed by Brainchild Studios.
JAY & SILENT BOBBLES    |   View Askew Productions/Graphitti Designs

The Jay & Silent Bobbles were packaged in a simple plastic cylinder for maximum visibilty. A full-color insert acted as both a backdrop for the figures and the backside of the package, where all the pertinent information was placed. The insert's interior spread allowed for additional product shots of the complete series as well as additional View Askew products. The logotype was also designed by Brainchild Studios.
MATT WAGNER'S MAGE PVC STATUES    |   Graphitti Designs

This interactive language learnng software was developed for 5 different languages. Shown below is the complete Spanish package as well as the full line-up.
DC COMICS BAG   |   DC Comics

When your artists, writters, fans and more stop by the offices and need to walk away with samples t's nice to have a bag to put them in.
BIG ASS JAY & SILENT BOB VINYL FIGURES    |   View Askew Productions/Graphitti Designs

The bigger the toys, the bigger the package. 
CLERKS IN-ACTION FIGURES    |   View Askew Productions/Graphitti Designs

Blister card packaging for an extensive line of toys produced by View Askew Productions/Graphitti Designs. A total of 5 series have been produced to date along with numerous exclusives. Shown below is the Jay figure from the Mallrats series as well as the complete Mallrats line.
Series included: Clerks, Clerks Black and White, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and 4 exclusives.
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